About me:

" I can write about food, because I have been eating it for nearly 68 years" silly but true.


Peter Jones is an award winning photographer specialising in the food and travel industry supplying photographs, product reviews, interviews with many chefs and is a writer of food related travel features to many print and online publications.


He is active anywhere south of Birmingham, though if Glynn Purnell was to phone him he would be there in minutes!!, spending much of his time in his mothers native France he is quickly establishing a reputaion for his witty and incisive features.


With a french mother he is well versed in the classics of French Quisine and spends much time in that country where he still finds little undiscoverd gems.


He is a member of The Guild of Food Writers.


He has contributed to  The Four Shires Magazine,Silver Travel Advisor, YourHoliday TV,Your Letter Box, THe Good Life France and many other publications both online and in print.


He hosts the popular " Jones on Food and Travel " show on Banbury based  Puritans radio and has provided photographs to the BBC,ITV and many newsppaers and magazines.





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